My Bins

Manage your wheelie bins with no hassle

We make your life simpler.

With our MyBins App you will never forget what bins will be collected this week, is your wheelie bin account up to date or what is the balance on your account. You can top up your wheelie bin account 24/7 with no hassle.

Check your Bin Lifts

View the weights of your bins collected by wheelie bin lorries. See on the Pie Chart, what weights were accumulated in each of your bins. Recycle better, to present your general waste bins less and SAVE.

Manage your account balance

View your current Account Balance, pay your bill or top up your account from the phone. Use Credit or Debit Card to Top up your wheelie bin account straight from your phone.

Save Time

Now you can manage your wheelie bin account with your smartphone, without leaving your home to buy bin tags.

So Simple to use

We keep things as simple as possible. Yet we want our App to be as informative as possible.

Your Account and PIN

If you forgot your Account Number, you can find it on the Bin ID labels, or or at the begining of any Text message received from your wheelie bin collector. If you forgot your PIN, simply click on the PIN RECOVERY button, provide your Account Number and Registered Mobile Number and we will send you SMS with your PIN.

Which bins will be collected this week

Our MyBins App will always provide you with an information about your next bin collection and the status of your account. If you don't have sufficient funds for the next collection, just Top Up your account with Credit Card. DONE!. Can't it be any easier?


Want to know more?

Are you interested in development of MyBins Mobile App for your Wheelie Bin Company? Simply type your email below, and we will contact you to discuss all the requirements. Our App is processing Credit/Debit card transactions in real-time using international payment gateway. All payments made by customers are lodged to your account in 48h.

Asked questions

What is my Account and PIN Number?

Your Wheelie Bin Account Number is assigned to you by your wheelie bin collection company. All bins should have Bin ID labels with your Wheelie Bin Account Number clearly stated. Your PIN will be texted to your mobile number, that is registered with your bin collector. If you are not receiving PIN reminder text, you have to contact them to verify your registered mobile number on the account. Only that mobile will be able to receive the SMS reminder.

Are my Personal Details safe?

All connections between the mobile app and the wheelie bin collection company server as secured and encrypted. Also during the Credit/Debit card payment process the whole communication is encrypted.